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Our Mission is to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and ENCOURAGE professionals toward greater success by enhancing the necessary skills and attitudes needed to achieve more meaningful results for themselves, their families, their clients and their employers. 

A Creative Force

"Bryan was a creative force that made direct impacts and results when I worked with him, all the while doing so in a collaborative and encouraging manner. I learned a great deal by watching how he handles difficult situations while capitalizing on opportunities."

—  Justin D Evert, nThrive

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Bryan Flanagan

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Bryan Flanagan and Zig Ziglar spent over 30 years working side-by-side.  Bryan is proud to introduce Flanagan Training Group and welcome!

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Patrick Flanagan

Patrick oversees daily operations and contributes by supporting Bryan Flanagan in his writing, planning and system developments.  With a background in conflict resolution, he provides indispensable support to our Team and to those we serve. 

    Jennifer "Jenn" enjoys learning about the Sales Profession while assisting  FTG and the trainers and speakers whom support and participate in growing the Flanagan Training Group.

    Jennifer Achee Gosseett

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    Meet The Team

    Albert Angarita

    Albert is a full-time student at UTD, lead negotiator at his job, successful entrepreneur, promising salesman, musician, poet, and in his spare time, intern for FTG.

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    Margaret "Margo" Garrett

    Margaret Garrett has invested over 25 years in the sales profession. During this time, “Margo” has successfully helped numerous people succeed in living better lives both personally and professionally.

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    Michael McGowan

    With over two decades in the Training and Development industry, Michael’s greatest strengths are his creativity, leadership and unwavering drive for helping organizations overcome their biggest obstacles to reaching their goals.

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