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“Bryan set a great example both personally and professionally. He is a great motivator, and definitely a ‘lead by example’ guy. I have learned a great deal from him, recommend him without reservation.”

Jerry Kemp

Sr. Manager of Dell Services

“Where technical sales savvy and sales training meet, you’ll find Bryan. When I hired Bryan to train my veteran sales team at DuPont, we went from the lowest performing region in the US to #1 in revenue and profit! I would recommend Bryan and his sales training methods to anyone wanting to move their team forward.”

Ruth Shannon

State Farm Insurance Agency Owner

“Bryan has always been a great friend and mentor to me throughout my career. His sales knowledge is so vast and versatile that he would be an asset to anyone looking to improve their sales organization.”

Dennis Howard

Facilitator, Executive Coach, and CEO of Vistage International

Bryan is an exceptional person, speaker, and friend. I am always WOW’ed with Bryan when he trains or speaks for one of my clients. He is dependable, professional, always brings laughter to the audience and goes above and beyond to be sure not only the client is satisfied, but anyone he works with or encounters. I highly recommend Bryan as a speaker, motivator, as a business partner, as a trainer and as a friend.”

Karen Underwood

Owner of Underwood Speakers Bureau

“It’s hard to overstate the value Bryan brings to the table in every situation. He’s a legend in public speaking on the topics of sales and communication skills – truly one of the best both in the quality of his content and the delivery of the material. Even more, Bryan is one of the good guys. He goes far beyond the call of duty, invests his time in every person he meets, and lives a life above reproach. He’s spent his career building up the value of everyone around him, but every beneficiary of Bryan will tell you the same thing – Bryan is the true star despite his every attempt to avoid the recognition. Bryan has been a mentor for me for many years. The first lesson he taught me about public speaking was, “if you don’t live it, don’t give it.” And Bryan certainly lives his message. He is excellent at his craft and is a guarantee to provide a significant return on investment in every situation.”

Curt Steinhorst

Owner of The Promentum Group

“Bryan MC’ed a mini-seminar for my colleagues and I at RMCN Credit Services in McKinney, TX. He brought a unique blend of humor and gravitas to material that has ultimately proved helpful and paradigm shifting with time and retrospection. I have been to see many speakers on many subjects, but the ones that speak to you, not at you, and know how to craft a strong message and get it across to a wide range of folks, like Bryan, leave their audiences with a renewed sense of spirit and diligence.”

Adam Swartz

Principal Attorney at the Swartz Law Firm

“Bryan is a presentation skills expert. Actually, Bryan is THE presentation skills expert. The ones out there teaching presentation skills learned from Bryan Flanagan. In Good to Great, Jim Collins emphasized the phrase ‘best in the world’. Bryan is the best in the world. Great thing about Bryan is that he doesn’t think so. And if he does, he’s too humble a person to tell us. I’m glad to have a platform to let people know if you want to make a difference in your presentations – and your performance – hire Bryan.
On a personal note, Bryan is a mentor, a confidant, a champion. Not sure I’d be as confident and effective today without Bryan. Look forward to the day when we can work together again.”

Robert King

Founder of the King Consortium, Conversation Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author

“Coach Flanagan made a positive impact on my sales career! He provides a creative approach to selling which makes it fun for the salesman as well as the customer. By practicing his sales advice I became more creative, natural, and relaxed which gave me the ability to close more sales. Bryan truly is a great person who genuinely cares about helping people win.”

Bobby Lonergan

Recruiter, Writer and Interview Coach with True Achievers Group

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