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Public speaking is considered to be the number one fear of most people. In today’s business world speaking publicly has expanded in scope to include networking events, internet video promotion, webinars, and social media interaction.


Our message is comprised of much more than what is expressed verbally when we speak in front of a group. Too often, presenters miss the mark with their audience because of how they communicated their ideas as opposed to what the offered information conveyed. How do you want to be remembered the next time you present your concept, proposal, or project? How beneficial would it be to take the attention off oneself and direct it to where it should be - on the audience and the subject matter?


Bryan Flanagan can help. As an accomplished and traveled speaker, as well as author to Zig Ziglar’s Presentation Skills course, Bryan has become “unconsciously competent” in the art of public speaking.  He believes the skill comes from the doing, and his course provides training with the workable 10 Essential Skills necessary to communicate effectively with any audience.

10 Essential Skills for Power Presentations

  1. Attire

  2. Posture

  3. Gestures

  4. Eye Clasp

  5. Facial Expressions

  6. Vocal Variety

  7. Eliminate verbal virus (uh, you know, I mean, like…)

  8. Audience Engagement

  9. Conducting a Q & A Session

  10. Effective Usage of Visuals

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