Bryan Flanagan’s inspiring message is delivered with honesty and enthusiasm on stage, in board rooms, and one-one-one training sessions. 

Bryan has traveled 3,628,807 miles, executed 4,670 engagements, and has trained over 745,144 professionals.


Why Flanagan Training Group???

Bryan explains what FTG can provide for YOU

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Why Flanagan Training Group???

Working with FTG and Bryan Flanagan can guarantee three outcomes: each participant will be educated, encouraged, and entertained.




Presentation Skills Coaching?

A Keynote Speaker?
Sales Training tailored to support your success?

Our clients find great value in tailored training programs to meet specific needs and desired outcomes.

Take advantage of Bryan Flanagan’s real-world experience. One of the many aspects that separate us from others is that Bryan is still an active salesperson.  He uses the strategies and techniques he teaches!

Learn!   Laugh!   Grow!

Sales Training


Keynote Speaker


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