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A word from Bryan Flanagan . . .


I’ve lived a great life. It continues to be an unbelievable journey.


I was lucky to have been born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. What a great environment to be raised. Loving parents. Solid family with an older brother and sister who supported me in all endeavors. Playing basketball at LSU. Went on to work with IBM. Invested 32 years with Zig Ziglar.

And best of all, I married my bucket list. We were actually married on Friday, 13. Luckiest guy in the world. Cyndi is everything to me and our two children. My family is all that I ever imagined and certainly more than I deserve.


And, I was lucky enough to become a salesman. How that happened, well, you’ll have to attend our training programs to find out. But, it was a great journey. I, like many of you, am an ‘accidental salesperson.’ I had a tough time learning to sell. That didn’t mean I didn’t sell a lot: I did sell a lot. I sold my furniture, I sold my car…However, I’m glad I went through that challenging journey. Why? Because I have a better understanding of how to help sales people who really want to succeed in sales but have yet to get it all together. That is the value my clients find beneficial. I understand the tactical side of effective selling.


The same is true about learning to become an effective speaker. Prior to investing in improving my presentation skills, I couldn’t lead a group in silent prayer! I had to learn to master the skills so that I now actually enjoy delivering my presentations. I am confident I can help you do the same.

Join us in our workshops and seminars. You’ll learn a few things, meet great people, and (this I guarantee) you’ll enjoy yourself.


We’d love to serve you,

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