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Choosing the Right Keynote Speaker!

For the past 30 years, Bryan Flanagan has been making it easy for meeting and event planners to choose the right speaker for you, your attendees, and for the theme of your conference.

Whether the subject is intended to educate, entertain, or encourage, Bryan adjusts his focus on your intended outcomes.


This is achieved by Bryan’s conducting research prior to the event so that he better understands the environment in which the participants operate. He then tailors his message to best fit those needs. The results are your people will laugh as they grow.


Some keynote presenters tell you what you need to hear. Some tell you what you want to hear. Bryan has an amazing ability to tell you what you need to hear in a way that make you want to hear it!



Bryan’s most popular topics are:

  • “But I am Still Growing!” – motivational and inspirational

  •  “Wait for Me, I’m Your Leader” – the fun side of leadership

  •  “Where Does the White Go When the Snow Melts?” – family fun

  •  “Yes! You Can!” – motivational message

  • “Communicating in Style” – message on working with others


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